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 Redstone Revolutions TTT Server Rules (Read 1000 times)

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PostSubject: Redstone Revolutions TTT Server Rules (Read 1000 times)   Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:29 am

Welcome To RedstoneRevolution's 24/7 TTT server!

#1 Do Not RDM (Random Deathmatch) This is where someone kills someone for no reason.

#2 Do Not Traitor Bait! - This is where a player goes and shoots near someone on purpose but not to kill him/her or when someone says they are a T and says they are Joking.

#3 You cannot Kill someone for being suspicious or Not going in the T Tester.

#4 No Disrespecting Anyone | Treat others how you want to be treated!

#5 If someone is Stalking you, you must give him 3 warnings with about 10 seconds between each warning and then you can shoot him!

#6 No killing AFK's as innocent or Detective

#7 No Ghosting, If caught you will be banned for 30 days+

#8 Don't Pretend to be any kind of Staff you are not! (30 days+ ban)

#9 Do not bug Admins/ Staff about why someone is being punished

#10 No Swearing/ Vulgar Language/ Racism/ Sexism/ Homophobic

#11 Relating to Rule #3 If a Detective orders you to get in the tester, If you refuse the detective can give 3 warnings with 10 seconds in-between each one and then he may kill you! (If no Detective is alive then refer to rule #3

#12 You cannot Kill someone for having the weapon of a murderer if the guy is/close to a dead unidentified body(s)

#13 Throwing any type of grenade at a player is Traitorous. Therefor Kosable!

#14 No False Kos's/ Accusations. If you do do one of these, the guy who got false kos can kill/kos you and same with the accusations!

#15 If a KOS is called & you are Un-Certain of the person calling the KOS, you can Opt out of KOSing

Administrative Rules!

#1 Don't use Slaynr during the round unless the rdmer is dead. (will change soon)

#2 If the rule breaker has 2 slays already then kick him.

#3 If a guy rdm's and leaves Ban Him 2 days minimum.

#4 Don't ARGUE with your colleagues, you are there to keep the peace on the server.

#5 Please make sure you ask the guy who killed the reason why he did it.

#6 If discussing situations in-game with other staff, try keep a low talk about it. especially Ghoster's. If you have certain evidence, warn them 1 Time ONLY (we don't tolerate ghosting)

#7 slay x2, 3rd time = kick + slay

Please go and download this model pack to see most of the server models!

Join Our Steam Group! Server new IP will be there when its changed! Link is below

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Redstone Revolutions TTT Server Rules (Read 1000 times)
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