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 Redstone Revolutions DarkRP Server Rules (Read 1000 times)

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PostSubject: Redstone Revolutions DarkRP Server Rules (Read 1000 times)   Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:16 am

Redstone Revolutions Official Rules


1.Any gun bigger than a pistol is illegal without a gun liscense. Police may random weapon check you to see if you have a gun bigger than a pistol. If you do they can AOS. Police must copy and paste the weapon from the weapon check in advert.
2. Police may order a warrant on you for suspicion of printers. If they are wrong, then you may demote them.
3. Drugs and money printers are ALWAYS illegal. If the mayor changes this law, disregard it.
4. Adverting mug/raid is wantable.
5. Police may not have their weapons out for no reason. Having your weapon out without reasoning will result in demotion.
6. Firing your gun in public will follow in an AOS/want.
7. If you have a legal weapon out, the police officer must give you a 5 second warning to put it away. If you do not comply/run they may arrest you.
8. Corrupt cops are not allowed. This will result in demotion/kick. (having printers as police officer, allowing criminals to escape without an attempt to arrest/take action.)


1. Prop surfing, prop pushing, prop blocking, prop killing, and prop killing are all not allowed. Choosing to disobey this rule will result in kick/ban.
2. Threatening/joking to crash the server will result in a ban.
3. Racism is not tolerated.
4. Do not randomly kill people (RDM)
5. Pornographic sprays are not allowed. Having them will result in a kick. If you spray it again you will be banned.
6. Kos lines are allowed. You cannot have them anywhere. They MUST be around your base. Hobos cannot have kos lines.
7. Impersonating an admin will result in a ban.
8. After you die, you cannot remember your past life nor go back to the place you died for 5 minutes (NLR)
9. Attempting to crash the server with props will result in a permanent ban.
10. Do not spawn camp.
11. Mic spamming will result in a gag. If you choose to break this rule after you have been ungagged you will be kicked.
12. Do not harass/disrespect other players. Swearing is allowed but attacking them verbally anyway will result in punishment.
13. Job abusing is not allowed. After you change your job once you must wait 3 minutes to change again. (Do not change your job just to kill someone and then switch right back after)
14. Do not self supply (Dropping weapons from your current job that you spawn with or buy and then picking them back up after changing jobs.)
15. Breaking laws as government will result in a kick/demote.
16. Do not failrp. An example would be logging off the server and logging back on while you are being raided/blowing up printers while you are being raided.
17. When police arrest someone they must put the reason in advert. If you arrest someone for murder you would /advert Murder. When you weapon check someone and arrest them for an illegal gun they have you must put the weapon check gun results in advert.
18. You cannot change your job to avoid rules. Like doing /job Serial Killer and then mass rdming.
19. Do not metagame. An example would be informing your friend he is being raided through OOC.
20. If a hobo bugbait  you 3 times or someone slap you 3 times you may KOS them. Taking action against people who KOS bugbait/slap spammers will be considered random arrest/Rdm and you will be punished.


1. Only 2 fading doors are allowed per base.
2. Only donators are allowed to build outside as any job.
3. Hobos may build outside.
4. Government jobs may not own bases.
5. Hobos cannot own houses. They must build outside.
6. You may put up a building sign to prevent raiding. You may only leave your base in this state for 15 minutes and you cannot spawn printers/go afk/leave your base while this sign is up.
7. Your base must have at least 1 entrance.


1. You must advert raid before you kill anyone in the base.
2. Only raidable classes may raid. (Thieves, gangs)
3. When a raid is over you must advert something with raid over in it. You may not raid this base again for a 15 minute time span.
4. You can only raid for a total of 10 minutes. When this 10 minutes is up you must advert raid over and leave the base.
5. No Raiding Bases with "Building Signs".


1. You must advert mug.
2. The most people you can mug with is 3 people. Anymore than this will cancel the mug. If you go through with the mug you will be kicked.
3. Only thieves and gang members may mug.
4. You must wait 10 minutes before mugging the same person.
5. You can't mug in public places. You must mug in alleys/private places/buildings.
6. The max amount you can mug is $3000.
7. Gang members cannot mug those of their own gang.(failrp)


1. If you have a gun bigger than a pistol, you must have a gun liscense for it to be legal. If you have a gun bigger than a pistol out without a gun liscense cops may AOS you.
2. Hobos may not own guns.
3. Police may arrest gun dealers for selling without a gun liscense or selling to people that do not have a gun liscense.

Cripz/Bloodz Rules

1. You may kos each other. (If You are having a War which you both agree too)
2. You may only raid with your gang leader.
3. You can only mug with 2 or more gang members.
4. You may not have a truce with all bloodz and cripz. Although, dodging each other without fighting is okay.
5. You can only base with those of your same gang, thieves, and thugs.

Car Rules

1. You may not have an invisible/transparent car.
2. You must call carjack to steal a car. If the car is unlocked you do not need to call carjack.
3. You may not steal cars from mods/superadmins/admins on duty.
4. Do not minge with your car.
5. Don't block things with your car.

Guard Rules

1. You cannot guard a person.
2. You can only base with someone you are guarding meaning you cannot own your own base.

Terrorist Rules

1. You can only use your bomb once every 10 minutes.
2. You can't keep bombing the same place.
3. Do not give your bombs to other people.

Black Market Dealer Rules

1. You must sell to everyone.
2. You can only base with guards, gun dealers, and drug dealers.
3. Do not self supply the things you sell.
4. You must have a base.

PickPocketing Rules

1. You may not pickpocket admins/moderators/superadmins on duty.
2. You cannot pickpocket the same person in a 15 minute timespan
3. You cannot pickpocket AFK players
4. You can only pickpocket player's weapons. Example would be pickpocketing a galil. Meaning do not pickpocket things like keys, physgun, toolgun. Remember these are only examples.[/color]

Pet Job Rules:

1. Don't Annoy anybody!
2. You must Obey your "Owner"
3. Thugs mugs advert job accepted/job failed/job complete depending on how the job goes.
4. You need a note for the job you are doing. You cannot give yourself jobs.

Rapist: (Job not added yet)

1. You cannot rape people in public places. You must rape in private areas.
2. After you rape someone, you must wait 5 minutes to rape them again.

Hitman: (this also goes for Assassin)

1. You cannot accept hits on the same person repeatedly.
2. Do not become someones personal hitman and only take hits from that person/group.
3. You may kos Other hitman if you see them kill your target.
4. You cannot Raid in Groups!


1. You may not own buildings/make bases.
2. You cannot break the laws or you will be demoted.
3. You cannot own money printers.
4. You may not let criminals get away without at least confronting them.

Gun Dealer:

1. You must sell to everyone.
2. You have to have a shop.
3. You may not buy a gun and then switch to another job and pick it back up.
4. You cannot only sell to one person/group.
5. Do not set ridiculous prices for guns.
6. No basing Other than having a public shop!


1. You cannot heal people for over 200 dollars.
2. You cannot only heal a certain person/group of people.
3. You cannot stay in a base and heal only the people that enter.
4. You cannot give your med kits to other people. Only heal them.


1. You can only build outside.
2. You cannot defend your fellow hobos.
3. You cannot own guns or printers
4. You cannot live in someone's base.

Hobo King:

1. You can protect your fellow hobos if they are threatened/attacked.
2. You cannot own guns or printers.
3. You can only build outside.
4. If you kill your fellow hobos, you will be demoted.

Drug Dealer:

1. You must sell to everyone.
2. Do not sell drugs in the public areas. They must be sold in private areas.
3. You can sell to government, but they have every right to arrest you for doing so. If they take the drugs, call an admin. That would be considered a corrupt cop.
4. Do not set ridiculous prices for drugs.


1. You can raid and mug and do other peoples dirty work. Although you need a note for the job you are doing from the person that hired you.
2. You cannot base with other ninjas.
3. When you get the note for the job you are doing, you must advert Raid or Mug accepted. When you finish the job, type Job failed or Job completed depending on how the job went.


1. You must call raid and mug when raiding/mugging.
2. You can only base with other thieves.
3. You cannot have printers laying around in plain sight.
4. Do not raid for over 10 minutes (this applies to all raidable jobs)
5. You must call raid before you start lockpicking (also applies to all jobs)

What is considered RDM?

1. Killing someone because they killed your friend(this does not apply to gang members.)
2. Killing someone for no reason
3. Killing someone because you do not like them.
4. Killing for revenge

What is not considered RDM?

1. Kosing opposing gang factions.(Only If both Mobboss's agree to War)
2. Killing someone raiding you.
3. Killing someone past your kos line.
4. Killing someone trespassing in your home/shop.

Administration/Moderation Rules:

1. You may not choose favorites in admin situations.
2. You must hear both sides of the stories before taking action against anyone.
3. You cannot no-clip while in an rp job. You can only no-clip while in an admin job.
4. The only reasons you can perma ban are for  "Hacking" "DDOS threats" and "Attempt to crash the server".
5. Admins can only ban for up to 5 days and moderators can only ban for up to 2 days. Super Admins may ban for however long they'd like. (Do not make a ridiculous ban for a simple reason like banning someone for a week for one rdm.)
6. When someone has a problem and says Admin to me or something in admin chat you must respond ASAP. Type Claimed in admin chat to let other admins know that you will handle the issue.
7. If an admin/moderator believe someone needs to be banned for a longer period of time than what they can ban for, they must speak to a higher rank.
8. Admins/superadmins/and moderators must always be signed up for the forums.
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Redstone Revolutions DarkRP Server Rules (Read 1000 times)
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