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 Donating For VIP!

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PostSubject: Donating For VIP!   Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:33 am

Donator Packages!

Donator Package List and Pricing

This page shows all the Packages and all the little Extra things worth donating for! All packages give you the best for your money when donating! Everything what you pay for you will get and best part is its cheap! All Donations which we receive from YOU goes for: Server Upgrades, More Content and More servers Gauranteed!

Silver VIP Package
Was £6.23 and Now £5.00! Save £1.23
Silver Package Includes:
1. Silver Name and Rank
2. Silver Tab in Pointshop:
Includes: 6 PlayerModels Luigi, Altair, Dead Space, MasterChief, GreyFox, Altair
2 Hats: Skull Head & Pumkin Hat
1 Perma Weapon: Deagle
3. Extra Commands:

Gold Package Includes:
1. Gold Name and Rank
2. Silver and Gold Tab in Pointshop:
Gold Tab Includes: 7 PlayerModels Sparrow/Faith/Sam/Niko/Mario/Robot/Smith
Hats: Pimp Hat & Text Hat
Weapons : Health Station & Perma Shotgun
3. Extra Commands Includes: Gold Commands
Gold VIP Package
​Was 12.45 and Now £10.00! Save £2.45
Diamond VIP Package
​Was £18.68 and Now £15.00! Save £3.68

Diamond Package Includes:
1. Light Blue Name and Rank
2. Silver, Gold and Diamond Tab in Pointshop
Diamond Tab Includes: 8 PlayerModels PedoBear Vass/Joker/TeslaPower/Smith/Sunabuzo/Jawa/Midna/ ELITE
Hats : Jason Mask
Weapons: Perma Sniper Rifle
Drinks: Super Size & Super Small
Extra Commands Includes: Diamond's
!mute !unmute !Jailtp
!whip !slay !votemap2
!slap !goto !Jail !freeze !unfreeze

DarkRP Custom Job
​Only £10, What a Bargain!
Custom Job Includes:
Choice of Job Colour: You Choose
Job Title: You Choose
Weapons: No Extra​
No Job Voting: No Vote!
Description Of Job: You Choose
Extras? Yes
Pay a little more for Extra Weapons and Equipment: Pricing in Extras Listing!

TTT Custom Rank
​Only £10, Now that's Cheap!
Custom Rank Includes:
Rank: Name of your choice
Rank Colour: White
Commands: No Extra
................................................Any Extras?

Extras Include:
Rank Colour: Simple Or changing
Name Colour: Simple Or changing
The Extras Pricing are shown in the Extras Listing!

Extras Include:
Rank Colour Changing: £6
Rank Colour Simple: £3
Name Colour Changing: £6
Name Colour Simple: £3
Extra Weapons For Job (DarkRP): £2+
Lockpick: £2
Pistols: £5
Any Automatics and Shotguns: £8
Sniper: £10

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Donating For VIP!
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