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 HIIIII about me and stuff like that

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PostSubject: HIIIII about me and stuff like that   Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:43 pm

so yeah dominik lead me here after things went terrible wrong at drgaming and all ppl over there started bitching about everything i decided to leave

now if become part of this community if been admin over there and dominik made it possible for me on this server:

a bit about me

well pretty much all u guys have to know is that i love gaming i play the games for fun not to win
(even tho it might sound like that sometimes)

i like and absolutly preffer to play with nice ppl if ppl are not being nice they have to be teached a lesson in such case if they dont want to do it with words i shall stand there and get them banned slayed etc whatever the cost

some things might sound different then u would like an admin to be but if u learn to know me u will see im a nice guy and that i try to be as fair as possible to every1
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HIIIII about me and stuff like that
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